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RAM timings with my OC'ed Opteron

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Hi there new to this forum hope that some of u guys will be able to provide some feedback on my set-up::roll:


System specs as follows

AMD 64 opteron 165

2x 512mb Corsair XMS-xpert 2-2-2-5

2xSLI Asus 7800GTX




AMD64 opteron 165

Bus: 300mhz x Mulitpier 8 = 2400mhz

Divider:3:2 (266) (600*0.667=400mhz)


Hence my RAMS are still sticking to its Spec 400mhz


Specs Printed on my RAMs are:2-2-2-5


Ram Settings in BIOS


Min RAS#active time Tras [8T]

RAS#to CAS#delay Trcd[4T]

Row Precharge Time Trp[4T]

Row Cycle Time Trc[11T]

Row Refresh cycle time Trfc[14T]

Read to write time Trwf[4T]

Write recovery time Twr [3T]

s/w DRAM over 4G remapping enabled

h/w DRAM over 4G remapping enabled


I am wondering since my system is overclocked but RAMS still within its Spec Range of DDR400 ie(600*0.667)=400mhz


Is it safe for me to Run it with the rated Spec of 2-2-2-5 1T command Rate?


Many Thanks :D:

Appreciate any Advice/info

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Looks like an awesome system!


Yes, it's perfectly safe to run 2-2-2-5 / 1T latencies, but you should know the command rate is much more dependant on your memory controller than on your memory.


You may need to run 2.8 or 2.9 volts VDimm (DDR Voltage) as well for those modules.




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