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Bad module VS512MB400

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Hello Ram Guy,


I have a VS512MB400 module that I purchased 2/18/2005.

This memory has been in use 24/7 since that time, running Folding@Home.

It has always been run at stock timings and voltages.


It came that I had to reinstall the operating system, so the machine was restarted to bios, in order to make changes to disk boot order.

I booted to the CD-ROM in order to reinstall the OS, and was immediately rewarded with a BSOD.


I did some troubleshooting by swapping parts with other systems that I have, and confirmed for myself that the memory module is bad.

I ran memtest86+, kind of expecting to see a few errors.

What I did see was errors numbering in the thousands.

The result is the same no matter which motherboard I try the memory in.


Out of over 16GB of Corsair memory that I running 24/7, this is the first bad stick that I have seen.


Can I get this module replaced?


Thank you for your time and consideration.


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