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Need a socket 939 bracket urgently!!


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Hi guys,


Some of you might remember me from a little while ago. Anyways ive now sold most of my parts from my old Pentium 4 560J system and have now jumped shipped and gone to AMD..


Ive recently purchase an AMD 3800X2 and didnt notice my Corsair COOL kit didnt come with a Socket 939 retention bracket and instead comes with the Athlon XP bracket.


Now i was wondering where i can buy one? (im from Australia) or if anyone would be kind enough to organise one for me through these forums?


I have already gone back to the ppl i bought it from here in Australia (CPL.. http://www.cpl.net.au) and they have told me that i cannot get the bracket serpatley. Now i dont want to go out and have to buy another cpu water block because i feel the corsair block is enough for me and dont want to spend money on something i already have.


Anyways any help appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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