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VS1GB533D2 compatible issue...


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I bought this module from Fry's. The sales from Fry's told me it will be compatible with 99% of the system outside. After home, I tried on my Dell SC420 server. It crashed after two days. After that, it kept crashing. I tried it on Dell Precision 380. It crashed after 4 hours running. Can anyone help me on this? Do you think it is the hardware problem or compatible problem? Thanks.
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Welcome to the forums, kenwu!


Dell's are notoriously picky about what memory modules you install in them.


For a VS module, you should remove all the other memory modules in the system, but then again it still may not work.


Corsair makes System Select (CMSS...) modules for the very purpose of providing a plug'n'play compatible memory solution for OEM pre-built computers.


If you have a friend with a non-pre-built computer that'll accept DDR2-667 memory, that'd be the best place to have it tested. Barring that, fry's may be able to test it for you or replace it to double check.



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