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Error With Memtest, just needs some ideas on troubleshooting


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Hey guys,

I am having a few problems with my system, i have two CMX1024-3200C2 in dual channel mode (1GBx2) on my Asus A8N-SLI with AMD X2 4800+.

The problems started with BF2 doing random quits to the desktop with no error, and after a few billion reinstalls i thought i should test the ram. Already i had the timing down (tcl 2, tras 5T, Trcd 3T, Trp 2T, memclock 400mhz) and my power supply is an Enermax 550W and dont see any other problem there.

Run memtest for about 13+hr while at work, and i get this error (48 times with different failing address)

Test 5 Pass 19 Failing Address 0006cc28808-1740.5MB Good fffffffe Bad ffffffee err-bits 00000010 count A


Like i said, they are about 48 of these errors when i got home. So now i am thinking where should i go next before i go ahead with an RMA. I could test one of the rams only tomorrow and the next the day after. Is there maybe something wrong with my timings here? Or should i just RMA them both (which will suck as i will have major downtime) as trying to find the problem will be a b****.

Any questions of i am not clear just reply

Thanks for the help

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Need to increase the ddr voltage in the bios to 2.7 to 2.8 volts from the default "Auto" value of 2.6 volts (nothing over 2.9volts-voids warrantee). I believe those sticks are tested at 2.75volts. Hopefully the version numbers match on the two sticks. Good luck.
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Ok, i just made those changes but left the voltage at 2.8V (Thats what i had before) and still errors in memtest. Now i have set the Mobo to Auto on the Ram and 2.75V, and will again run memtest. Should i just RMA these two sticks? What is the warrenty period on these things anyways.

Also, many people say got with the 2-3-3-6 yet on the data sheet it says for AMD you should be at 2.5 but on others it says 2 for even AMDs. Is this a problem as i have an AMD X2 4800+?


****, i just noticed from CPU-Z that on auto mode they are at 3-3-3-8! Which, is pretty bad....

But they are also sitting in slot 3 and 4, not 1 & 2 but i dont think that will help much.

I am going to move them to 1&2, set the memory to the 2-3-3-6 pre what RAM GUY said, and bench this baby again for about 12hr while i am at work. If this fails, i am looking at RMA'ing these babys, and i think i will just go both of them.


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Hey, thanks for the Help and i found the trouble.

Looking at the data i decided to test the ram in Bank 3 (the 2nd ram) by itself in Bank 1. After only 8 hours it was spitting out errors already. I then put back in only the 1st ram in bank one and ran it for over 12 hours with no error at all. So i have the fault, the 2nd ram is bad.

I have already open an RMA on this ram, and i hope to get a reply before the weekend. Just one question, getting a new part in its place how will it deal with the current ram in dual channel? Will there be any problems? I know a lot of people say that in dual channel mode you need to be picky with 2 modules you use.



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i have errors in memtest too

Twinx2048-4000PT on a dfi nf4 ultra-d

cpu is a x2 3800


FSB 250 1:1

250-3-4-4-8 2,8V ->errors in test 8


FSB 240 5:6

200-3-3-3-8 2,6V ->no errors


can you please help me?

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Zuhaib Thats fine you can do it either way!



That would suggest some other problem, can you tell me the bios version and the exact settings you have set and what slots do you have the modules in? And what is your system configuration? Please start a new thread!

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