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Motherboard Abit IC7-MAX 3


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I have just got a new (to me!!) motherboard upgrading from IT7-MAX2 that has faults. The memory I have is 512MB XMS Extreme 64MX64 PC-3200 DDR400. I want to add 512MB more as a minimum - what can I get that is compatible? Or would I get much better performance by buying 1GB of the latest memory - if so what?



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Welcome to the forums, rquinton!


You may be able to add another module of the same model/revision as the current module is, but that's often hard to do and mis-matching your memory can cause system instability to due incompatibilities between the modules.


For the best compatibility and ease of use, a 2 x 512MB kit (TwinX1024-3200C2 or VS1GBKIT400, for instance) would be best.


If you really just want to add another 512MB module, then you can try it and try to get as close the the exact same thing you've already got that you can find. You'll probably have to increase your DDR Voltage and relax your latencies though, as is often the result of mis-matched modules.


For your specific system, however, I doubt you'd see any performance gain by purchasing the super-fast/expensive new modules available (I.E. 3200XL's or 3500LLPRO's). The extra 512MB's is your biggest gain.




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