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XPERT: What will fit?

Aussie FX

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:sunglasse Hi Guys,


I currently own 2x 512 modules of xpert ram and I want to get up tp 2 gig


I don't want to get rid of my xpert because I need the voltage and temp readouts. Especially the temp. Where I live in Australia ambient temp can be as high as 50deg C about 120deg F

My current modules are: cmxp512 3200c2 rev2.1 sorry I have no idea what the chips are I've heard rumours of possibly infineon or winbond but I really don't know.

The first problem is getting something to fit. Does anyone know if standard xms c2 with the black heatspreader will fit under the led displays?

Second problem is compatability any ideas on what I can run with these rev 2.1 chips keeping in mind that the DFI sli expert mobos are really sensitive with ram

Thanks for the help.:biggrin:


ps If it's any help with the rev 2.1 thingy, this ram was purchased in August 2005

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