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Physcial Address Extension?


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I have an Epox 9NPA nForce Ultra board with an AMD 64 3700+ 939 pin processor. I had 2 sticks of 1Gig value ram and decided that this computer will never be low on memory, so I added 2 more 1 Gig sticks of exactly the same model number etc. I use Windows XP Media Edition. I see 3.37GB of Ram, using System in Control Panel, and Physcial Address Extension under that. What exactly does this mean? Is my system actually only using .37% of the last module (first impression)? (I have Googled PHA and it gets technical in a hurry.)
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PAE is a way to let 32-bit systems run more than 4GB of memory. You shouldn't need to worry about it nor should you try enabling PAE since you've got a 64-bit system which doesn't support PAE anyways.


The 3.37 GB issue is a common one, but shouldn't actually keep the system from USING the memory, it's just a display/counting issue. You can use programs like CPU-Z and Everest to look at your memory/subsystem more accurately.


I've seen this many times and there shouldn't actually be anything wrong, it's a Windows/system issue, but doesn't keep you from actually using the memory.




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