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Hardwiring PSU & hydrocool..


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Hi guys,


Unfortunately I need to hardwire my hydrocool as I lost the controller card. Anyway after taking the thing apart and isolating the couplers for the pump and fan i got an old PSU to muck about with it as a stand alone system.


I hardwired the psu for on (PSU ON + earth) then I hooked up 12V rail to the pump and one to the fan. Both kicked in to action when the psu was switched on.... Now my question what AMP's do i need to provide for these components to function at their correct spec? Or do they just draw from the 12VDC what they need? I assume that to operate the fan at a faster RPM i would need more Amps into the fan coupler.. Is this possible to achieve without a fan controller circuit? I couldn't find any solid info on the pump (although i found out its much better then i first thought ;P)


Meh, all seems well but i think the fan seems to be running a little slower then when i had the controller card, end of the day i lose the readout function and at the moment the turbo mode but since i'll be using the H200 soley for a x850xtpe it won't ever really matter :P

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Tried, but being in Australia it would amount to half the price I would pay for a new complete unit and seeing as I have to buy the GPU expansion its not worth the $$ (Approx AUD $80 to get it over here, new unit is $210 AUD)


Pump works directly off PSU and flow seems right, fan is just a little slower then it was on quiet mode. All I lose is the readout which does not concern me really... I might even take all components out of the unit and refit into the vapochill case (though might need to make it an inline system rather than have the water reservoir as it will be tight on space otherwise).


Meh give me something to play with over Easter :)

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