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Gigabyte GA-7VAX-1394A + 1GB DDR400


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I've got the Gigabyte GA-7VAX-1394A motherboard with 2x512 MB Corsair VS512DDR400 modules (AMD XP 2000+). I want to know if this configuration is bound to have problems, since my computer froze a couple of times since i got the memory. I tried to run at both DDR333 and DDR400 but i got the same result.


The system doesn't seem to be unstable, i ran memtest+ for a whole day with no errors detected and this locking issue happened in a week's period (once while playing a game, and the second time while browsing the web and watching a movie).


The settings in BIOS are:


Command timing: Fast

CAS Latency: 2.5

Bank Interleave: 4T

Precharge 2 Active: Trp : 3T

Active 2 Precharge: Tras: 7T

Active 2 Cmd: Trcd: 3T

DRAM burst len: 4

DRAM queue depth: 2T

Write Recovery Time: 3T



I would appreciate any suggestions you can give me.



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When the system froze the last time, it was set at 166 - DDR333.

I don't remember what frequency the modules where set when i ran memtest; does it make a difference if running memtest on a single module at a time or on both? I ran it on both of them with no errors.


I don't know how relevant this is, the two modules are not from a kit, but bought from the same place and they are the same model.

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Well, I've run a test on each module with memtest, set at DDR333 and no errors found. Does this eliminate a possible memory problem? Is there any way to say for sure that there's a memory problem or not ? (i'm insisting since the computer didn't freeze before, with one DDR333 Spectek module and there weren't any other hardware changes...)


The windows installation was clean with the latest drivers when the computer last froze.

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