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Possible bad ram??? HELP


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Great site, with loads of info...hope u guys can help


I'm building a new computer and having problems installing windows xp home edition (new retail boxed version). The motherboard is a ECS Elitegroup

p4m800-m7, processor- Intel pent 4 3.2 800 mhz fsb 2mb l2 cache, ram- Corsair XMS 1gb cmx1024-3200c2pt (single gig stick), case- inwin 300w ps.


While installing xp while copying the setup files needed (1st phase blue screen with yellow progress bar) random files seem to not be copyed (it comes up saying " *.* (* being wildcard sub for any file) file did not copy press enter to try again or esc to skip". I'm using a brand new Xp disk from staples and hardly think thats it. Ran windows memory utiltily and every test failed time and time again. POST and BIOS both see the ram, it will boot up (i installed win 98 and tryed to upgrade to xp, no go same prob with xp).


I'm believe the ram is bad and/or not supported by my mobo (which supports 184 pin 2.5v dimm unbuffered ddr 400 single ch, max 2 gb). Do I need to replace my ram (any recomendations) or my mobo (any recomendations)??? Is my ram a duel ch model??


I'm at a head with this thing and need help...

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the QVL (Qualified Vender List) in my manual for the mobo lists that corsair

cmx512-3200c2pt and cmx1024-3200pt have been tested and works. Whats the diff. between mine and these listed, I know the 1st listed is 512mb???


In the BIOS I can change the DRAM CAS# Latency to one of 4 options, 1.5/2, 2.0/3, 2.5/4, 3.0/5. What exactly to the #'s mean??? I've tried changing, still errors.

I can change the DRAM Bank Interleave--disabled, 2-way, 4-way, 8-way, what is this????

And DRAM Driving between normal and high.


I tried the memory in a Dell Dimension, single ch. mem architecture, 233mhz ddr. It wouldnt boot with my corsair stick, just beeps.

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