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Premium, Deluxe, or A8N32 with 3500?


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Which of these Mobos would yield the best performance to go with the Corsair PC3500LL Pro?


I've heard some mention problems with some hardware like the Fatality Soundcard working on the A8N32 and Premium and I've already ordered this and the 3500 memory so now it's just down to settling on a mobo that will work with the RAM the best Suggestions?


Also as far as CPU's I will prolly get the FX57 or FX60 I am iffy on going all out for the 60 since in June the M2's are supposed to be due out.

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FWIW, the M2's support DDR2 memory, so if you wanted to upgrade your CPU, you'd have to buy new memory and a new motherboard as well!


As for the boards, the Premium boards usually have all the bell's and whistles, but I find the Deluxe boards often have everything and more that I use. I think the family as a whole (dual x16 slots) is just now starting to mature and most of the issues we've seen are being fixed with BIOS updates.


Go for the board with the options you want.




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