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Bad ram

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I have 4 1 gig cards. The card in question has a matching pair and i have 2 other cards that are identical. The card was running fine with all 4 cards in system. Then I got a boot code when starting up. I looked up the boot code in motherboard manual and it was for bad memory. So i started to try different combinations of the 4 cards. I tried the two paired cards at a time. The computer started fine with the 2 other cards but would not with the two corsair. So i tried the 2 corsair 1 at a time and this card is the only one that the computer gave a beep code to. so out of the 4 this is the only one that wasn't working. I have another identical card that works fine so I'm assuming this module is bad.


The computer

is a Dual 246 opt

Arima Hdamb Motherboard

dual WD Raptor 36g SATA HDs

3d Labs Realizm 200 Graphic card.




The ram is corsair CM74SD1024RLP-2700


Thanks for your time

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