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Bad Value Select VS1GB400C3

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I bought 3 of these from Frys Electronics about 2 months ago, one for each of my 3 systems.

Two of them are working fine, but the third started having issues about 2 weeks ago with freezes and blue screens. I checked it with Memtest86 and it passed an overnight run with no errors, but continued to have problems in Windows and Linux.

Sometime during that time I came here and did some searching and found that it might be more stable at 2.8v, and after setting my mobo to 2.8 it did work fine. But as of today, the system won't even post.

All 3 computers are identical Shuttle SN85G4 v3's, and swapping that stick between the 3, the problem follows the memory, and the other two sticks work fine in all 3 systems, so I'm thinking this one finally gave up.


Serial number on this stick is 780-0546024-0-952767. Motherboard settings were Auto on the memory timings, and Auto on the voltage up until changing to 2.8v (although I did try setting to 3-3-3-8 and dropping the memory clock to 166, then 133, and then 100 before changing the voltage but still had the problems)


Is there anything else I can do? Or is it ok to send back?

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