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Bad TWINX pair (2x CMX512-3200XL)


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I would like to RMA my RAM, obviously because it's bad. The two modules caused my computer to refuse boot. So I checked my motherboard first, after which I tested my processor, then I cam to RAM. With the two sticks in (the correct slots of) my mobo the computer refuses to boot. Then I tested them 1 at a time and found that 1 is completely dead; system will not boot. The second one will boot the computer, but gives me the blue screen of death every 2-3 minutes.


I thought it was a bit strange so I did check my mobo with another set of RAM (identical to mine)of a roommate, this set gave me no problems at all. So I figure it's a good analysis that my ram is faulthy, so I would like to RMA.


PS: Bios settings are standard and work fine with my friends RAM.

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