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Different modules compatibility ???


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Hello, first sorry for my poor englih speaking,

Well, last month I bought a Intel D915GEV motherboard, a P4 630 Cpu and

two VS1GBKIT533D2 kits. After a while, I noticed some problems like no boot at all, or no video signal, or computer freeze on bios screen or sometimes computer hangs and/or restarts on windows... sometimes the monitor fail to receive a signal and the keyboard has no power either (the led's do not come on the keyboard). I restarted the computer many times and in fact it boots "when it wants".

then after changing the PSU I've got the same troubles so I tested the sticks of memory and I noticed that I have receive two différents kits, one made in USA and the other in Taiwan,

the conceptions and aspects are différent and after a while it seems that kits are not compatibles between them, and finally the one made in USA seems to be the cause of my brainheaches cause even using this one only, I noticed some troubles.

So I decide to take contact with my reseller to change it with an other one "made in taiwan", but he don't want to change it cause he can't select one especially for me and simply don't care at all about that.

This is a reseller web site of course.


So could it be an incompatibility between 2 kits and what can I do ???


the gencode of stiks are like this:


USA : xxxx-xxxxxxx-x-xxxxxx

Taiwan: xxxxxxx-x-xxxxxx




here are some images of the two different modules:

the first one works great the second one cause troubles, don't care about numbers in this images!



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ok, i will try memtest with each module, I already tried windows memory diagnostic (with each kit) without any errors...

that's why I was thinking it could be a compatibility issue between the 2 kits...

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Based on what you have posted I would suspect its more of a loading issue, and the PSU you have listed may not be enough for the configuration you gave. FYI you have about 45 watts just for memory with 4 modules.
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Well, I really don't think cause I've got the same troubles with a Q-Tech 550w PSU.

And now I have tested each module separately, all seems Ok, but when I've tested the 2 "USA" modules together, first time system hangs on boot (no video) nothing starts, second time: I've got 49 errors on test #2 (moving inversions),it says "nexpexted interrupt-Halting" this is, of course, in Dual channel mode one module on each blue slot. third time all runned ok...


What's this **** :confused: **** !!!


of course i've already updated the motherboard to latest bios v 0842

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Ok, thanks a lot for your help, just a few questions,


I'm not in united States is it a problem ?

and what's exactly line "Ticket#/PostID#" ? is it the number of this thread ?

on RMA request form?


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