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Freezing with xms 3200 c2 pt


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Hi having problems with my computer bit long winded sorry cant post on forums it says i have insufficient priveleges. Heres the problem first hope you can help.

I bought a matched pair of memory about 5 months ago

twinx 2048 3200 c2 pt. Was running them on a xp 64 3700 with a abit board but decided to build a new pc from scratch about a month ago. New system specs are as follows for information.

memory twin xms 2048 3200 c2 pt

amd x2 4800+ cpu

kn1 lite 1.a motherboard (latest bios revision 1.1d)

sapphire x1900xtx gfx card pcie

2 x samsung sata 2 250gb hd (raid 0)

creative xfi soundcard (onboard sound deactivated on mb)

philips optical drive 16x8x32

580 watt psu hiper modular 2 x 20amp on 12v rails

windows xp home

ok thats the meat now the problem. Been having lockups on it since installing (bsod and just screen freeze no muse but picture is on screen) the strange thing is doesnt always happen sometimes it will happen in a game for example bf2 plays fine then might just drop me to the desktop with no error just like i quit the game. then i might copy something from a usb drive to the hardrive or vice versa and it will freeze. can run memtest for 10 hours without logging error (did reset once but think it was a power cut) system runs slow and gets poor benchmark results from memory when running pcmark or everest or sisoft. Sometimes benchmarking will set it off sometimes not. have installed dual core hotfix from microsoft didnt seem to help. Obviously because all the components are new it makes tracking this problem down rather difficult. I have talked to mb manafacturer and they said it sounds like a gpu or memory problem. GFX card manafactorer says it sounds like a memory problem as does the hard disk maker and amd. Been at my wits end on this one(as is my wife having to put up with my wining). For the sake of marital blis and my sanity plz help. o hby the way been running with following settings.

First tried 2 3 3 6 at 1t at 2.65 volt no change

then 2.5 3 3 6 at 1t at 2.65v no change

then 2.5 3 3 6 at 1t at 2.71v Highest my bios will let voltage go without jumping to 2.8

then 3 3 3 6 at 1t at 2.71 and 2.65 no change.

hope you can help


Matthewherridge@hotmail.com plz note do get some bsod saying memory cannot be referenced occasionally dont know if that helps. also got referenced memory cannot be read previously with other board and cpu but no freezing. (also passed memtest on other board)

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First thing, I would set the command Rate to 2T and test the system and see if its more stable. This MB is not known to be an over clockable MB and the CPU you have like many other X2 CPU's may not run well at 1T Command Rate but test the system at 2t and lets make sure.
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yes for some reason it mainly seems to happen when transfering to usb devices like hard drives usb sticks ipod etc) however a lot of games and programs seem to self quit more times than usual (occasional i put down to bad drivers but every day im thinking hardware).

Any more suggestions?

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