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Timing suggestions for ASUS A7V8x


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I've recently added the Corsair VS1GB333 (had been running Corsair Twin 256MB sticks @ 333). The system has been together now for about 1 1/2 years, and I wanted to add memory before I upgrade the major components altogether...


XP 2500 Barton core on ASUS A7V8x, ATI Radeon 9500, Maxtor Drive, Win ME platform...Do you have suggestions for tweaking the SPD timings manually? I have not yet overclocked this particular chip, but at SPD settings it's running at temps of 79 deg F at the MB and 103-4 deg F on the chip.

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I take it you added the new module to your existing module?


If so, I wouldn't bother tweaking the latencies except to try and get a stable 1T command rate.


Regardless, you can always try to tighten your timings, but if it's running smoothly, then it's not really worth the trouble since the VS1GB333 module doesn't run tight latencies anyways.


Don't exceed 2.9 volts on the VDimm (DDR Voltage) and go for it, just tighten one at a time and see if it runs. I would think 2.5-3-3-8 is about your top end.


Also, use Memtest86+ to check!




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Thanks....no, I'm was thinking of just replacing the existing 256 sticks with the 333-512 modules. The older modules are certified CAS-2 and probably tighter than the new, larger set. With prices being where they are I thought I'd just bump up the total available memory and play with it a bit.


I'll probably build another system in a few months, but I've not been playing with hardware for about a year now...shucks, I'm still playing Panzer General II...

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