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MSI 845PE Max2 (PCB 2.0) - Corsair DDR3200 512X2 VS1GBKIT400


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Hi Ram guy

I have an MSI 845PE Max2 (PCB 2.0) with a P4/2.6Ghz. It had a Hynix 512MB DR3200 and I wanted to upgrade it so I purchased a Corsair DDR3200 512X2 VS1GBKIT400 as I have never really liked Hynix anyway.

Since upgrading it I seem to be able to run either stick fine on its own. When I put both sticks in, it detects the 1024MB total and even does the BIOS test through it OK. However, upon getting into windows it locks up shortly thereafter. Running Memtest 86+ has resulted in various results with both modules in place including 1. Locking up during memtest with no errors reported 2. Reporting failed areas in the second module.

Upon checking I have found that the board is a 333 board and not 400, but I would have thought that 400, being faster should be able to operated at the 333 speed anyway. Please correct me and explain where the error in my reasoning is here if there is one.

So overall, 1 module seems to work fine but 2 will cause lockups and fails.

I have tried manually setting the timings to as slow as the board will allow 2.5,3,3,7 and 4 burst. Same result.

Any ideas?


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