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dashboard & everest & xp tune don't see my ram

funky brother

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i've just added 2x512 xms xpert to my 2x512Xl

it works and reconized in bios and windows (2056)

but no test and perf softwares see the modules so i can't set up xpert display

and other things



proc amd 64X2 3800+

mb asrock dual series

uli 1695 chipset

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1st pair = xms xpert . 2x512 . pc3200 c2 .124pin ddr.(placed in the blue slots ddr1&2)




2d pair= 2x512 . pc3200. xtreme low latency (placed in the black slots ddr3&4)





oups..sorry>( error 2056=2048=2gigs) it's not the windows version but just to specify that the 4 rams are reconized,

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false:sunglasse , i've just downloaded the lastest version of CMdashboard

and now my xpert mems are reconized , i can access to the display settings

and i can see else the the xl mems.

the dual series bios performs a memory compatibility mode


my xl are just automaticaly downgraded to the xpert cas. @133mhz for all mems



dashboard displays:

that xl will have a timing of if running@200mhz

and the xms xpert a timing of running@200mhz / running@166mhz


1. why does the dashboard displays the same mem timing @ 166mhz & @ my actual 133mhz?:confused:


2. do you think i should optimize:

changing cas latency

or changing frequency

(what is the most secure solution?)

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry but I have already explained this, you cannot mix memory with this platform. The memory controller will not know what to set and may not post or may show weird settings like what you have reported. Try the modules one set at a time!
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