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Best memory Ever?

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Is there memory out there that is as good or better than the BH-5 sticks?


The reason I ask, I have 1 gig of 3200LLPT ver 1.1 (BH-5) and want to build a new system.


I want 2 gigs...so I have to either find another matched pair or some other memory that is as good or better.



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You posted on Saturday and Sunday... some of us have things to take care of, other than these forums!


Also, I personally hate the reputation that BH-5's have gotten and think that the Samsung TCCD's blow them out of the water with lower voltages, higher clock speeds, and better latencies at those speeds.


Regardless, if you're looking for 2GB's of memory with great performance, try the TwinX2048-3500LLPRO's as they've been shown to overclock extremely well and maintain low latencies.




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BH-5 is still king of the hill for 512MB sticks.


Any RAM running 2-2-2-5 @ DDR500 is a little faster than TCCD at DDR600 2.5-3-3-6.


Well I guess it depends on what you are doing, but a SuperPi 32MB run will be done quicker with BH-5. TCCD needs to be running faster than DDR600 to keep up with the old BH-5.


TCCD has an even harder time when people run their BH-5 faster than DDR500.


However the GOOD thing about TCCD is it does not require huge voltages.

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