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Compatibility with S2462?


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I have a stick of Corsair 1gb. When I try to use it in my Tyan Thunder K7 it refuses to POST. It just beeps 4 times. I've used other ram and it works fine. So is this a compatibility issue (density?) or is the stick dead?








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I have a whole bunch of IBM/Hynix 256 modules. Of course this leaves me at a dead end if I want more than 1 gig. I did some research and what catches my eye is the density, and the fact that the chips are stacked (does that matter?). Dunno if I'm reading it right since there's a million ways of specifying it, but here goes. The Corsair I mentioned above appears to be 128x72. Is this "high density" and does it work in my board? I couldn't find anything on the subject of s2462 + density. As for the Hynix stuff, I have two types:


PC2100R-25330 0416


256MB DDR 266MHZ CL2.5 ECC

I'm guessing from the p/n that it's 32x72 density.


PC3200U-30330 0416

HYMD232726B8J-D43 AA-A


This also appears to be 32x72. Unbuffered, too, yet it works in certain slots.


I am not mixing the modules, well I tried and it doesn't work (with any of them btw, apparently they all have to be the same). I tried the Corsair in all four slots, same response.

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The modules you have listed are made with By 8 memory IC's and are not compatible with our modules, and if you change memory you may have to reset the bios with the Clear bios jumper to get it to see our modules as they are built with By 4 memory IC's.
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