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Ram problem?


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I built this rig last week:

asus a8n-sli premium mobo

sandiego 3700 amd64

2gb corsair xms 3200 c2 pro

bfg 7900gt

on windows xp pro service pack 1


I am having all sorts of problems, i've called asus, no help(no suprise.) The only thing i can think is this is a ram problem and im wondering if i need to rma these sticks. I was also thinking this may be a driver problem but i have absolutely no clue.

The problem: after about an hour of my computer being on no programs will load correctly. when i'm in aim and i recieve a direct link for a website after an hour of having the computer on my aim just completely locks up. My games will not start up properly after this amount of time, so i'm having to reboot about every 1-2 hours. Also, my task manager will not open. It opens and closes about a half a second before i can click anything. Some programs also close down right as i see them open( my asus bios updater). I've messed with the ram timings, first i was at 2-3-3-6, then 2.5-3-3-6 as reccomended for amd, and now im back to default 3-3-3-8. No change.


Please help me ram guy.

Much thanks!



Edit: after some googling i've found that i needed to run a malicious software removal tool and it has fixed my problem. Strange, after a week and all that i have installed is AIM and elder scrolls oblivion O.O. Google works wonders. please close this post :)

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