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USB 2.0 stop working!


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Hello all,


I have a CorsairFlashVoyager 1Gb.


Until yesterday it was working fine.


Today, each time I plug in my laptop, I get the message saying that this device could be connected to a high speed port and it works as low speed (USB 1.1)


I tryied in other PC with high speed USB port (2.0) enable, getting the same result!


It could be possible that my flash memory is damage? How can I know if it is all fine with it?





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HI everyone,


I've also just started getting this problem as well - 2Gb Flash Voyager - worked perfectly for the last 3 months or so and then last week started getting the 'this device will work faster if connected to a hi-speed...' - this happens on any computer I connect it to


I'm in the UK and I purchased through dabs.com


IS there any way I can get this returned?


All the best and thanks for any help





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