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Continuous re-starts


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I have a Gigabyte Titan 865PE motherboard, Antec 430 w power supply, 3.2 800FSB processor, 2gigs of TWINX 3200C2 (4 512 sticks). I have not been able to run my computer with all 4 sticks of memory without it wanting to re-start continuously. It runs fine with 2. My owners manual calls for unbuffered unregistered but "Sisoft" never finds any problems with my components but they recomend ECC. Have I got the wrong stuff? Why won't it accept all of the memory?:confused:
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Technically, it shouldn't matter with the 865 chipset in there, he should be able to run 4 modules, HOWEVER, it takes some tweaking as THE MODULES ARE NOT RATED TO RUN IN A SET OF 4, ONLY A SET OF TWO!


Therefore, install 2 modules, then go into your BIOS and relax the latencies to...


CAS - 3

RAS to CAS - 4

Row Precharge - 4

Cycle Time - 8


DDR VOltage - 2.8v


Then see if it works with all four. If so, you can slowly (one at a time) lower those latencies, though I suspect you'll top out around 2.5-3-3-8 anyways.




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