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Confirmation of module defectiveness


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I have a Corsair CMX512 3200C2 module in a Via P4PB 400FL motherboard that I am just putting together. I was trying to install Windows XP on this rebuilt system but after restart, I keep repeatedly getting a blue screen error with code 0x0000008E and subsequent memory dump. Microsoft support articles indicate that this is likely a faulty RAM module.

I ran Memtest and everytime, it fails during test#5, either by freezing the test or spitting out a list of numbers then freezing.

Does this sound like a module in need of warranty replacement?

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I tried the manual DRAM settings as recommended in the previous posting (using default voltage). My system would not even boot to the hard drive to the Windows setup screen (I am half-way through Windows xp installation). I ran Memtest and again the system froze during test #5.

I also tried the following settings which I have used successfully in the past.

tCL: 2.5

tRCD: 3

tRP: 3

tRAS: 7

voltage: default

At lease with these settings, the system booted to the hard drive but ended with another blue screen error. I ran Memtest with these settings, and again, the system froze during test #5.

Is this RAM module defective? Can anyone give me some guidance?

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Well, my system finally was able to install Windows XP


Once I figured out how to change the DDR timing to 333, the system worked without problems. It took me awhile to figure out how to change it to 333 (166 MHz DRAM clock for double data rate ram is 333, well duh!)


The link to your express support site gave me the answer immediately. It explained how the speed of the ram is limited by the speed of the CPU FSB. Mine must be only 533 MHz P4 CPU since my ram is limited to 333.


Thanks for the clarification.

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