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Memtest86+ errors... DFI Lanparty SLI-DR Expert with Corsair VS VS1GB400C3 (2 x 1GB)


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Motherboard: DFI Lanpart SLI-DR Expert

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 4800+ X2

RAM: 2 x 1GB Corsair Value Select VS1GB400C3

PSU: Enermax SLI certified 600W PSU


Timings: 2T, 3-3-3-8


After 12 hours of running Memtest86+ 1.65, I had 7 errors... 1 of which occured in pass 1, the others occuring in subsequent passes.


Should I bump the voltage to 2.7 for the RAM?


What else could be causing errors with no overclock and at stock settings?

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Voltage was set to 2.66 in bios... I bumped it up to 2.8 and ran memtest for 12 hours.


I had 4 errors after 12 hours of memtest.


No errors appeared until about the 11th pass... so it had been testing perfectly for several hours.


Right now I'm testing them in the orange slots instead of the yellow slots. If I get some errors again, should I test individual sticks?

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I might just go ahead and RMA whichever stick is bad... but in the mean time, could someone let me know what the is top-of-line RAM that Corsair makes? I really like this online help system and I don't think my system (4800+ X2, DFI Lanparty SLI-DR Expert, SLI 7800GT's, etc..) deserves Value Select RAM.


What is the cadillac of Corsair RAM and what speed to do I need to purchase for this rig? I want 2 x 1GB.

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This is really strange.


I just made a tiny upgrade from SLI-DR to SLI-DR Expert today.

I got no-boot no-beep problem, which made me think I had either killed the CPU or the mobo. I really mean it; no boot, no beep, no post, no nothing.


I spent hours trying to reseat, remove, and replace everything, but still no luck.


The only thing I didn't touch was the 2X1GB Corsair VS RAMin the yellow slots.


So, I made a wild guess by removing the module in slot 3. Guess what, my PC started booting. So, I got into the BIOS and increased Vdimm to 2.8, and then put another module into the other yellow slot, just to get the long beeping sound, which anyway is better that the previous problem I had.


So, I tried the orange slots, and still got the beeping sound. So, I moved them back to the yellow slots, then it worked.


Now I am running Memtest 86+ 1.65 on dual-channel and I'll see if I get any errors.


So, to conclude, I have no idea why I got the beeping sound from running the VS in orange slots which are recommended by people at various forums.


So, for the SLI-DR Expert, which slots should I use for the 2X1GB Corsair VS RAM?

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Now I am running Memtest 86+ 1.65 on dual-channel and I'll see if I get any errors.




I get about 180 something in only one pass, running the 2X1GB Corsair VS in yellow slots, and they would not work in orange slots.


My timings are 3-3-3-8 1T , which is by default, @ 2.8 Vdimm. I had always been running the ram at these timings on my previous SLI-DR.


Edit: Now I am memtesting one module on Slot 1 (yellow).

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