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Intel CA810E Corsair VS256MB133A


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I purchased 2 sticks of VS256MB133A for my Intel CA810E mb and it won't boot with this RAM. I would like a RMA Number


I am sorry but these modules would not be compatible with this system.

Please look up your system on our memory configurator, and see if your reseller will let you excange them for the correct part#.


Unfortunately, the Corsair Memory Configurator does not list the CA810E motherboard.


In addition, the VS256MB133A modules are single-banked (single-sided), and the i810E chipset's memory controller limits the maximum IC density to 128Mbit per IC (or 32Mx8). But single-sided 256MB modules use 256Mbit IC's, which are beyond the officially supported specs of that chipset.


Third, the i810E chipset always run its SDRAM memory at a fixed 100MHz clockspeed regardless of the processor's FSB clockspeed.


And finally, the maximum memory capacity of the i810E chipset is only 512MB total.


As a result, the only memory modules from Corsair which are compatible with the CA810E motherboard would be the VS256MB100 or the VS128MB100.

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