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Memory fails memtest86


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I have a Intel d945gnt board and have installed

VS1GBkit667D2. I get an error from memtest8 at location 00000100020. I swapped the current memory modules and I get the same error. I then purchased a new KIT and I get the same error and location. What next ??

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I am new at this, but here goes. The CPU and Memory setting are all the standard defaults. The Bios shows the following:

SDRAM (automatic)

Mem Freg 667


tRCD 5

tRP 5


Mode dual channel


Slot0 SPD 5.0-5-5-15


slot0 SPD 5.0-5-5-15


I can't find any CPU settings, but it is a Pentium 4 530J at 800 Hz

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Like I said, Novice here....

I found the burn-in screen.


Host Burn-in (no)

Host burn-in mode type (positive)

Host burn-in mode percentile (0)

PCI Burn-in Mode (default)


I assume I should turn Burn-in (yes).

I don't find any bios screens about memory voltage ?

USB legacy I found and can change.


What should I do about the voltage and burn-in Parms

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You should talk to Intel about the bios settings and how to change the voltage if they have that option. But I would test the modules one at a time withwww.memtest.org and lets make sure one is not failing.
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Talked with Intel. Voltage not changable, because the board ONLY supports 1.8V.


As stated earlier, I already tried one module at a time AND I replaced both modules with a new exact same cosair 1G kit. They all fail at the same location as described earlier

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