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Did I screw up?


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I set up my system a month or so ago. Used the bottle that came with the kit and a bottle of alchohol and some Autozone antifreeze (ingredints list : ethyelen glycol, diethyele glycol, and water) . I've notice some white "stuff" in the tube around the connections (inside the tube). Its not alot but noticeable if you look close at the connections. Its only on the edges of the connections and is not "flowing thru the system". Can provide pics later. Wondering if I should drain the system and refill. I read a few posts that some antifreeze has high acid content. Is it bad for the tubes or the blocks? How do you know which antifreeze has acid?


Granted the system is working well and I have had no problems. Don't want a problem later though.







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I think you SHOULD drain the system. I wonder why you would add alcohol ?? All you really needed was the bottle of COOL (green) fluid and then 3 bottles of Distilled WATER. Alcohol actually absorbs H2O. Hence the use of it in Gasline Antifreeze. I suspect the 'white stuff' collected; is water in suspension with the alcohol. Use PG Antifreeze if you can't get the COOL liquid. Hope this helps......
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