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Hi ,

Probably sick of these questions but im burnt out and need a hand.

Just build a new system

MSI-K8T Bios version close to latest(mem issues not addressed so left at version)

AMD athlon 3700+ sandiego


What I have is 4 sticks of cmx512

Can get the system to post with two in the Green slots

The issue is when all four are in no posting.


Now MSI claims that double sided ram can handle any combo of module from 128 to 1 gig in the slots at one time but will run at 333.

But that doesnt happen


Ultimatley id like to have all four sticks running at 400mghz or more

The issue here is Im not finding many motherboards that support 4 sticks of double sided ram and run at 400 mghz, I could see by overclocking i can acheive some good speeds on the ram but why would all these sticks not even allow a post when all in place .


Ive tried all combinations of ram setting physically seems all the ram no matter what combo will work and boot when only two of the Dimms are installed (this mobo doesnt support 3 dimm)


Any ideas would greatly be appreciated

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I think MSI mislead you. The on board memory controller on your AMD3700 is very picky about having matching IC's on all of the sticks. When you read the label on each of the ram sticks do all of the numbers match, including version number? Some people have had luck getting them to run as mismatched sets in the appropriate slots, as long as the version numbers weren't too far apart. Version numbers identify different batches of IC's.
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Yeah I'm taking this back.Seems MSI no longer has it together , even with their new stuff.


Buyers beware of your expectations.

I was very picky with the ram I chose

I purchased 2 dual 512 kits = 1 gig per kit.

Each module is like family to the next


This mobo as well as many other msi boards will not post with all four dimms filled with DDR400 double sided ram.

Have a look at how ridiculous this is. Pay attention to the Main Memory portion.


I have seen this with certain ABIT and ASUS Mobo's as well.

Pretty cheesy compared to the combinations of ram from older systems.I'm upgrading from a 266 system with no quality no matched ram at all.


They advertised being able to run 4 sticks of ram double sided 400 at 333 (which is lame to begin with) It doesnt work even by configure with 2 sticks in and then adding the other two and restarting.


Heres another low blow, run dual Dimm double sided ddr400 and take a look at the frequency its at 100 ,should be at 200.


Even with many differnt combinations of timings and frequecy settings this will never be what you paid for .


MSI used to have their stuff together but they are below that now.

I got this Mobo due to having AGP still twas a bad choice on my part.

But I tried to stick with what used to work best.


I'd recommend to any one staying with AGP and wanting to run 2 to 4 gig of ram max of DDR400 Corsair shop around with some gigabyte Motherboards they seem to have a pretty good outcome with DDR400 and using multiple ram combinations (less restrictive combos)


Good luck who ever uses MSI these days..and thanks for the input Garvin

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  • Corsair Employee
This is a limitation of the memory controller in the CPU and not a MB issue, with more than 2 double sided modules DDR333 would be suggested. But there does sound to be some bios or CPU problem with what you have posted. I would suggest testing the CPU in another MB if you can maybe a friend can help you.
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