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KD7-Raid 4GB Reg Problem


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I recently purchased 4GB of Corsair part CM72SD1024RLP-2100. These modules were installed in an Abit KD7-Raid motherboard, which supports 4GB of registered memory. (Though it does not support ECC, tech support states that the machine will post. ECC just will not be enabled).


The problem: When 3GB> is installed with just an AGP (Radeon 7000) and floppy, the machines boots and I am able to view the boot process on the monitor. When all four dimms are populated, I receive a video error beep and the machine boots but nothing appears on the monitor (I know it boot because floppy seek is enabled and the floppy LED lights up around the time it seeks the floppy. Also, it reads the DOS boot disk). I know the video card is not bad because it was working right before I pulled it to put into this box). I have also have tried each of the gig sticks individually and in all slots and the machine boots fine (i.e. with something showing on the monitor). So I have ruled out bad memory being the problem.


Someone on the Abit forum sugested that I try a PCI video card, to see what happens. I bought the same model card (Radeon 7000) in PCI format and populated all four dimms. The result - the machine boots and the boot process appears on the monitor.


Is there some type of conflict between the AGP card and the 4th GB, or should my memory settings be adjusted to accomodate 4GB. Current memory settigns are set to SPD. Also, it is just the memory, floppy and AGP/PCI card along with the floppy that's installed.




Processor Athlon XP 2800 (Barton) 266 FSB.

iBest 600w power suppy (new)

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Sorry for replying so late. Thank you for your reply.


I called Abit and they are looking into the situation. However, I was looking at the memory modules and had a question about them. I was looking at the part numbers of the Samsung components used, on this module.


The last part of the part numbers are UCCC. According to the Samsung component list, UCCC is actually a component listed with a speed rating of DDR 3200 (See attached file). The manual, for this board list that it will take registered DDR 3200 up to 3GB.


Is it possible that the board views this memory as registered DDR 3200 and as a result will not post with the 4th GB installed, even though by SPD it runs at 2100? Also, would I be able to manually adjust this ram, in the future to run at conservative DDR 3200 Ram setting?


The full Samsung part number is: K4H510838C-UCCC


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  • Corsair Employee
That has nothing to do with the problem your reported. And the IC's we use will vary, but there is little to no difference in a memory IC that is rated set PC-2100 to one that is rated at PC-3200. Its not uncommon for us to use a faster IC to make a slower part because the IC's for older speed grades may not be available.
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