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broken CMX1024RE-3200 - two modules


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I have two modules which I recieved as a replacement for two identical but damaged modules that worked fine for a bit, and now are riddled with memtest errors. I have no idea what went wrong, but they did fail last january on friday the 13th. :bigeyes:


I couldn't believe it booted into windows, albiet unstably. Running each module in memtest resulted in around 160,000 errors on the first pass.


The original RMA thread is here http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44195


Looks like i'm just not having good luck with RAM. So I am here again asking for a replacement.


Thanks in advance.

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I forgot to mention that when the system died last friday the 13th, for no good reason or change, it just wouldn't POST and gave me a memory beep code. I Recieved a replacement motherboard and just determined the ram was riddled with errors. Not sure if it's a chicken and egg problem, but the replacement mobo POSTs, and even loads windows, random things just crash it.


On first post, the K8N-DL picks timings of (i think) 2.5-3-4-8, which annoyed me because it was definitely CAS 2.5. I immediately went into BIOS and set them to the speced 3-3-3-8 and for memtesting set voltage to 2.7v. They detect and run at 1T 200mhz. I'm not sure if NUMA was turned on in the BIOS. Unfortunatley the Asus support for the K8N-DL BIOS is severlely lacking and it wouldn't surprise me if the old board chipset caused memory failure.


Temperatures are in a cool open case and voltages from the PSU are within tight tolerances.

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