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Hello, I am french and i had a very bad english! sorry.:sigh!:


I have a corsair ram 512mo value select with part number: VS512MB400.

I bought this one month ago in paris and now, with my new PC, it doesn't boot, the mother card(gigabyte K8N9F ultra) indicate DRAM error with continous long beeps.

With my ram 1go corsair value, a computer starts correctly!

And with ram module 1go + module ram 512mo, a computer reboot before the screen of Windows loading ! :[pouts:


What do I have to make?

Tanks for your answer!

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  • Corsair Employee
You cannot mix these two modules in this platform. To make sure the module is not failing please reset the MB bios with just the VS512MB400 module installed and then set the Dim Over voltage control to +.2 Volts and see if it will pass http://www.memtest.org to be sure. But with this platform both modules would need to be exactly matched.
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