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Problem with a stick of VS512MB400


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I know Value Select sometimes doesn't work well in DFI boards namely the Ultra-D. Anyway I got a stick of VS512MB400 and a stick of VS512MB400C3. The VS512MB400C3 runs all day long at 2.5-3-3-6 with no memtest86 errors. The VS512MB400 won't run these or default timings without erroring sometimes in memtest. Out of 25 passes the VS512MB400 will error anywhere from 3-6 times and most the time on the same test and exact same part of the memory(910mb I think).


Hard to believe the stick is bad but it could be since it is suppose to be rated at 2.5 and the other stick I have at cas 3. I am running 2.7v on them but my DFI is showing 2.76v. Also tried it by itself.


Any suggestions?

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