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I think I have a bad module ?


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We purchased five (5) sets of VS1GBKIT533D2 memory upgrade kit last year to upgrade our Dell Dimension 4700 desktops. The original memory modules in the computers were moved to other computers. We were installing these five sets to the computers to make them have 1GB each.

Four of the upgrades worked out fine.

This set when installed, work for about 4-5 minutes then will cause the system reboot or screen go blank. We then test the modules one at a time. One module works fine. One module failed.

The failed module will pass POST initially and the system will boot up. Again, after 4-5 minutes or sooner, the system screen will go blank or reboot. If turned off then turned on manually after the screen go blank. Sometimes the system will continously beeping.

When we boot the system up with the Dell diagnostic CD, this module will not pass the memory test. It usually hangs after the test started for about 3-4 minutes.

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