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Problems with XMS25400 DDR2 and RS400-A Motherboard...


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I am trying to help someone solve a problem that he is having since installing a 1GB Corsair TwinX XMS2 5400 (2x512MB) or RAM. He has a ECS RS400-A Motherboard. All seemed to go well, but whenever he trys to play any games the machine bluescreens and reboots. He has a new PSU (550W) and his old DDR2 RAM works fine when he trys it instead.


Im still trying to get all the information from him, but as far as im aware he's not trying to overclock it, and the bios has been reset to the defaults. Im still trying to find out if he has the latest bios for his board.


What I was wondering is has anyone had, or heard of, any compatability issues with this combination of board and RAM? According to the memory configirator this RAM should work in his PC. Any suggetions would be welcomed and I will of course post any further details I get from him here.



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