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1Go stick, PC3200 Value Select, Problem


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Warning : i don't write english very well but i'll try to be precise.


I have just bougth 2 memory sticks for a new computer : Corsair Value Select PC3200 Value Select (CAS3). N° 5660145 and 5660211


It's the right product for my computer :

- Motherboard ASUS A8N-E, chipset nforce4 ultra (DDR RAM support)

- AMD 64 3700+ processor

- Windows XP SP2 operating system


Stick 1 is plugged on bank A1 and stick is plugged 2 on bank B1 accordingly with Asus recommandation for DDR support.


My computer doesn't work well and i notice very (but very) strange events.:confused:


Moreover, i get blue screens and undesirable reboot. :(:


So, i have downloaded MemTest and ran some tests. It reports problems after a few minutes.


In order to know which stick is bad (or perhaps the two), i ran other tests with only one stick plugged on bank B1 accordingly with Asus recommandation for only one memory stick support. I ran the test with the first stick, and after with the second stick.


One stick is OK (1 hour without any problem, test completed 3 time) and the second is always bad : memtest report severe problems immediatly (red warning, error count increased and so on)


I ran this test three times for each stick in order to be sure (same result every time).



So, i have called my reseller :

Silicon Hardware

154 rue de charenton

75012 Paris

0033 France



Invoice number : 27012006014


But this fuc.... guy doesn't want to do anything :evil: and he said to me to contact Corsair... So, i'm here ! (i really don't have anything else to do than torture myself with writing in English...)


I will now request a RAM as there is no doubt in my mind that one stick is deficient.



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  • Corsair Employee
Please set the Dim Voltage to 2.7X volts (+.2 Volts W/Giga-Byte) and then set the timings to "BY SPD" and then test the module/'s one at a time with www.memtest.org! If you still get errors, please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it! However, if you get errors with both modules that would suggest some other problem and I would test them in another system or MB to be sure.
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0- Post Reply

i have already test the modules one at a time with memtest as explained in my post. One is OK and the other is deficient.


If there was a problem with the bios ram setting, i think that i should have the same problem with the two parts.


1- Mail

i have received a mail with some questions just after i have requested an RMA number, i replied on February 4th and i reproduce here the question and the answer. Hope this helps.


There are two numbers on the module

- VS1GB400C3. I suppose this is what you call part number though this

number identifies the product type (Value Select 1 Gb DDR 400 CAS 3)


- 5029-0553069-0-5660211. I suppose that this number is unique and

identifies the part itself.


i bought two parts and they have the same first number while the second is



Best regards

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