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TWINX2048-3500LLPRO fails memtest86


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I just got my 3500LLPRO ram set from newegg today.


I was getting some problems running games after installing them so I ran memtest which passed however when I swiched the dimms around windows XP wouldnt even load. After checking your website I discovered the voltage was supposed to be set to 2.75. After correcting that I was able to get into windows and I thought it was fixed but my games (quake 4, everquest) are crashing after 10-30min of play. I am running at 200mhz fsb, manual, so there should be no OC. I have tried 1t and 2t, 2.8v-2.85v. All of the other timings are set to spec, from spd anyway so are untouched.


I just tried memtest again and now it is failing right away on the- 2nd test. Im not sure what order the dimms are in atm. I have my old PNY DDR433 that I have been using and its stable.


Newegg is out of this ram as they usually sell out very soon after listing it. If this ram is bad do you cross ship?



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