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Corsair cool watercooling with Cooler master Aquagate 120 radiator?


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Got a bit of a dillemma here.


The radiator that comes with the Corsair Cool watercooling kit doesnt fit my case AT ALL!

I cant even do the external installation because the mounting bracket doesnt even fit the rear of my case.

(note: My case is a RAIDMAX Samuria that comes with a 120mm rear exhauset fan)


Now, i do have a radiator from a Cooler Master Aquagate mini here, that fits my case perfectly.

Problem is, the outlets and tubing on the Cooler master radiator are smaller than the tubing that comes with the Corsair cool kit.


If i "adapt" the Corsair's larger tubing to the Cooler Master Radiators smaller outlets, will this restrict waterflow to the point of it being in-effective?

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