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TYAN Thunder K8WE (s2895) + what Corsair?


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can anyone recommend what particular Corsair is best for the s2895?


i read on memory comp. :confused: website that if you run Opteron 246 or lower, the motherboard can't use the full memory speed(DDR400)...is this true for Corsair memory as well?


i have 242's(x2) in it now, but hoping to upgrade to dual core in the near future....so, is it smart to get the better DDR400 now? will i have a compatibility issue if i'm using opteron 242's?

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I currently have one Opteron 270HE with 4 modules of Corsair CMX2048RE-3200 (two pairs of TWINX2048RE-3200), total 4GB. I was going to buy another CPU and more memory, but in trying to find compatible memory, I'm finding that my current configuration might be exceeding the "6 ranks per CPU" limit, and my memory might be reduced in speed.


I can't find any evidence that the speed has been reduced, but if I would do better to just split my 4GB into 2GB per CPU, instead of getting 4GB more for the second CPU, I'd like to know.


I've seen some references here to "newer" Opterons allowing 8 ranks. I can't find any documentation for this anywhere. I think my Opteron is stepping E6, but Tyan says I'll have to take it out and clean off the thermal grease to find out for sure. The second CPU I'd purchase is OSK270FAA6CB, but I don't know for sure that's the same as the first 270HE I already have.


Sandra seems to say I'm running at 400MHz, but it also reports that I have 32GB of memory installed, so I don't really trust it to tell me anything. Some places it says I have 3GB installed, some places say 4GB installed. What's going on???

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To find out what Opteron is in the board currently, a link to AMD's cpuid utilities from the Opteron utilities/drivers download page (bottom of page, think second to last is the one you'd want):




The page link to get at Opteron info (half way down the page/sub-links):



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