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Cant get duel channel mode to work


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I just got myself some new RAM this morning. Went to put it in the PC, and am having a few problems.

First, I had to manualy enter all the timmings, as it only showed up as 3338, when it was ment to be 2336 (Corsair TwinX2048-3200C2PL).

Second problem is the duel channel mode wont work. Keeps on saying its two seperate sticks in single channel.


I am not using any other RAM sticks, just this pack of two.

So why wont it run in duel channel mode, am I missing something?

Also why does is it set to a default 3338 unless I manualy edit the settings?


I am running a MSI K8N SLi board, uses the nVidia 4 SLi chipset.

CPU is Athlon 64 X2 4400+.

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I just recently got myself some new Corsair ram. The problem im having is the ram is said to work upto 2336 lattency, but if I try getting anything lower than 3338 the computer starts getting BSOD errors.

Did I just get bad ram, or were they making the stats up when selling this stuff?

Its not my computer, because its all brand new. Motherboard is MSI K8N SLi Diamond Plus, and doesnt have a problem with low lattency ram.


What would be going wrong with this ram then?


Oh allso, if I run it in duel channel, it runs at DDR400, but if I split them into two single chanel cards, they go down to DDR333, and 400 isnt an option.


Have I just got fauly ram or something?

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