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VT7 and 2- 1 gig 2x512 VS kits again


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I offered a very detiailed analysis of my issue with this board and this ram.

The issue was being able to fully populate the board's 4 slots, which seems to be more of an issue than the type of corsair ram used according to previous posts. I also stated that other than someone who replaced the mother board, the issue is still without any quantified resolution. The previous posts regarding the issue seemed to dead end as though others gave up. I still get a freeze up every day and one or two errors reported every second or third pass in test seven of memplus 86.


Again I will state...no issue running only one pair of sticks on this board in either paired slots.


Abit pointed the finger at Corsair for resolution this past Friday, giving me the one slot at a time etc routine, which I had done and washed their hands of it.


I have a lot of historical data that goes back as far as twenty years, yet I also run photo prosessing and dvd building, which all ran fine on my old 2.0 P4, but took forever with 512mb memory. It ran way much better on this MB with the 3.2 Prescott with 1 gig, but the slide restoration chewed up that 1 gig of ram in short order creating 40-60 meg files per image. That is why I went to the 2 gig.


Besides the cost of starting over with another MoBo, it litterally takes 2 or 3 months to recover getting all the data and files to a comfort level, after having to reformat a system drive


Suggestions? Are there known resolutions with this board?

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Will the system run and pass http://www.memtest.org one set of modules at a time? And is it stable with just one set? If so I would suspect some other problem. In addition, you have a lot of HDD's in your system and the PSU you have listed may not be enough. I would try and disconnect all of the devices in your system and run http://www.memtest.org and see if that makes a difference. If so that might suggest you need a bigger PSU.
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