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Bad Ram! Need to RMA!

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I have a pretty good idea that I have one of 4 sticks that went bad on me. I have had it running without a problem for about 3 1/2 months now; I have a pair of CMXP512-3200C2. I have also been running a pair of Corsair XMS TWINX1024-3200C2PT.


The Problem:

I have been running BF2 and other games for sometime without an issue, now all the sudden games started to freeze and crash the system in the middle of the game. I thought it was a driver issue, so I started to look around at NVIDIA’s drives, the AMD Nforce 4 drivers and made sure I was up to date, I started to play a bit more and it was still happening... not even thinking it was a ram issue, i jumped to check my page file setup, as I was doing this I realized my computer was only seeing 1.5Gigs of Ram, so I peered into the side of my case and notice the LED wasn't working on one of my sticks of CMXP512-3200C2... so I shut the comp and checked it out. First thing I thought the LED was toasted or something. So I swapped the LED’s from each stick and turned the comp on, and now the other LED wasn't working but the one that I thought was broke was working on the other ram chip... so than I thought dead Ram slot on the mobo, so I switched the slots the ram chips were in, and turned the system back on, and now that ram chip wasn't working in the other slot... hmm I wondered, now I turned everything off and pulled all the ram chips out. so I put the one chip I suspected to be broken in slot A1 and turned the comp on.... nothing no lights no nothing on the ram LED... so I turned it all off and moved it to A2 than B1 and to B2 and still nothing on all 4 attempts. So I did the same with the other ram chips, the comp turned on each time on all slots.

So I now know for sure I have a bad stick of ram on my hands. I bought these ram sticks from Newegg.com and I have all the original paper work.


So I think I have isolated the issue to the one ram chip. Now these chips were bought in a pair. If the one is indeed not working will you replace both chips so I will have a matching pair once again?

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Please test the system with just one set of modules!


How many modules do you have and what is the part# and revision of all four of your modules or if you only have 2 modules please clairify how many modules you have?


You are mixing two different modules that's why you are haing this issue. With most MB's both modules would need to be exactly matched.
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I have tested each set of ram by themselves and have one set working 100% fine and the other set having 1 dimm dead. I have mixed these tests in slot 1, 2 and 3, 4 I have even tested the ram on 4 different MOBO's now. With the same results 1 stick of Xspert ram being dead!


I think I clearly stated the models up top!


If you say mix matching the ram is bad, why has it been working flawlessly for over 4 months? And now all the sudden just die? Each stick has been running at DDR400 as the 4400+ X2 series CPU I have will run 4 x 512 at 400 MHz instead of 333 MHz like my other AMD chips.

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