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Corsair XMS failed test


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Purchased a dual pack of Corsair XMS 512 ram from monarch.com. I started to receive blue screens with memory address errors or the system would reboot and would not post. I would then remove and install the ram which fixed the problem. This started on 1-27-06. I am not over clocking anything, so I tested each stick individually. Stick A had no problems; stick B gave me 48 errors on test 4 right before test 5.Ram A is whats giving me the blue screens and random restarts. I have no problems with stick be but will test it agian to see if it gives me an error agian.All settings are default. My os is xp with all windows, antivirus, and driver updates. I did not install or add new software or hardware prior to the problems. I cannot proceed with my RMA with corsair until I get some type of number. Also if I purchased a pack, will I have to send both sticks to get replaced? Used memtest86+ to test ram.



ok tested agian and ram b would get an error and then restart. when booting, it would state that there was an error with the cmos and it is in safe mode. i would press f1 to continue and run the test again. this happened twice. on the third try it restarted and gave me a post error. the same one where the ram is not installed. so i removed the ram and put ram A in and tested it. there where 2 passes no problem. then put back ram B and tested. there where 3 passes no problem. could it be my motherboard? should i send in my ram for a better indepth test? for the time being im going to install the ram on another computer and see if the other computer has the same problems.

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