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Twinx 1024 Asus Premium 2 Gb


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Hello Ram Guy,


I just bought another set of twinx 1024 for my ASUS Premium SLI motherboard but from a different vender than my original set. When I installed the second set in the remaining slots (A2-B2), my computer will not boot. It beeps long beeps with pauses inbeteen and the monitor will not turn on. i dont know what could be the problem.

My original ram is the same XMS3208 V1.2 the only diffence is the number below that which state 0551001-2 while the ones on my original configuration state 0532123-2. I dont know if this is the issue but they are both DDR400 XMS 3200XL.


PLEASE HELP as I spent all night trying to figure this out with no sleep.



Thank you,


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Hmmm....I don't see any conflicting numbers but, I don't know enough about the specific revisions. RAM GUY will see this post tomorrow and hopefully he can help out.


I assume that you have tested both sets seperately? Also, can you run Memtest on each individual module for 3-5 passes. It's tedious but, 1 weak module could cause problems too.


Just curious, what bios version are you running and are you OCed at all? Also, are there any performance or turbo type settings you have enabled?



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Ram Guy, thank you for replying but iam really new at testing this DDR ram stuff. How can I test these modules. All I know is that the current ones in slots A1-B1 work fine but after adding the second set, the computer will not boot. It just responds with longs beeps.


You mean like adding only 1 of the new modules to the current set I have one at a time???

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Remove the memory you have installed now and test the new modules. If they all pass. then try the modules in slots 2-4 and see if its the MB that has a problem. And you may need to get the latest beta bios if you have a new core CPU.
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Hey guys,


good news, I did what RAMGUY suggested, I installed the new modules first and see if my computer would boot, it did. Then after I installed my original set of modules in sets A2-B2 and the timings are at 2-2-2-5 with 2.75 voltage.


Thanks to everyone on this forum for help and support especially RAMGUY, he really knows his stuff.

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I adjusted the timing to their new settings as Ramguy suggested 2.5-3-3-7 at 2.85. My only concern is that I could not connect to the internet after reformating my computer and my screen started to flicker and act funny last night. Not as the result of the voltage changes???


These are the proper timings for a computer that is not overclocked?? I have no idea how to overclock. I dont plan on doing it.


Athlon 4000+

ASUS SLI Premium






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