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I think that I have a bad module in my kit.


Windows XP setup fails with a STOP: 0x0000008E error, and after some research, I found that this points to faulty ram. I have been running Memtest v1.55 for the past hour, and it gives errors when running at both 1T and 2T (at 200mhz, ddr400).


This ram has been working for almost two months, but I have always had stability issues with XP. Perhaps this is the cause? Any suggestions?



MSI K8N Neo2

Opteron 165

Antec TruePower 2.0 380w

Geforce 6600gt

Corsair VS 1gb kit ddr400

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Ok, I am pretty sure now that I have a bad stick.


I have been testing with memtest on individual dimms, and one dimm from the kit consistently has errors every time. The other dimm from the kit always passes, and so do two other dimms that I have lying around.


How do I go about getting an RMA for this?

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