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4x256 Corsair XMS C2 2-3-3-6 issues


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I have had these sticks installed for over a year now. Up till now, they have been perfect. A few days ago while playing WOW, i started getting BSOD's left and right.


I ran memtest86 and went to work. When i came home for lunch, i checked the results... They were quite scary..


In 44 passes, 380,000 errors were found. The errors listed in red were coming from both banks of memory.


I ran the test again, and the errors only started to appear after the 8th pass. Once that happened, the # of errors screamed like nothing i have ever seen before. These sticks have never been overclocked and remain at stock timings/voltages. I replaced these sticks with 2x512 Corsair XMS C2 sticks i have in my brothers machine with the same settings and i have had 0 errors overnight and not 1 BSOD.


I would like to RMA all 4 sticks as, from what i recall over a year ago, they were both purchased as dual channel kits.





EDIT: Sorry for typo in subject.

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Let's get them both replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or *New* Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace them or it!



When you say both, just want ya to realize that this is in fact 4 sticks of memory. 2x 256 bought in dual channel pack and another 2x 256 bought in dual channel.


Errors are coming from both sets. One set WAY more than the other.





I will follow through with the RMA process once i get home from work.

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