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Corsair Flash Voyager USB 2.0 2GB is too slow?


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Dear Sir,



I have already a Corsair Flash Yoyager USB 2.0 512 MB and I was very pleased with the transfer speed read and write .


Yesterday I bought a new Corsair Flash Voyage 2GB but when I tried to

transfer a lot of files 484 MB from my PC to the stick it took me a lot of time (The 2GB stick is 6 times slower than the 512 MB stick at the write speed!


All files are copied in 1 minute and 20 second in the Flash Voyager 512 MB

and The same files are copied at 6 minutes with the Corsair Flash Voyager 2GB


I also tried to format the 2GB with the Corsair ez-recovery tool and the format failed.It's normal this?

Should I replace the Flash Yoyager Usb 2.0 2GB ?

Does the Flash Yoyager 1 GB the same write speed with 512 MB?


Please I need a Answer.


Thank in Advance!

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