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Bad SD Card


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I just bought a 2Gb SD card for my Palm Treo 700w. (CMFSD133-2Gb Lot # 0540026-0). When I insert the card into my Treo, it says thats 1Gb is being used and that there is only 950Mb free - even though there is nothing on the card? I tried checking the capacity of this card in a card reader on my desktop (running WIN XP Pro SP2) and it gives the same values for used and free space. So I am only able to use 950 Mb of space on this 2Gb card.


It seems this card is defective!


Will Corsair replace this card? I bought it refurbished from NewEgg...they say it was "refurbished" by the manufacturer and so I must replace the card through Corsair.


If so, how do I go about getting a replacement.


Thanks for your time.



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